Newswise — Addcare Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. provides advanced liquid handling systems, automated immunoassay workstations and customized systems. We create solutions for a wide range of applications by combining our proprietary liquid handling technology with a variety of platforms and modules, each designed to handle a specific task in the configuration.

Our automated Immunoassay Workstations for ELISA, CLIA or FIA are designed to process medium to large numbers of samples at reduced costs. The DNA Extraction Workstation, increases safety and throughput of complex and time consuming preparation of DNA amplification procedures. Our platform for GelCard-based Blood Grouping applications, combines card handling, identification and piercing, sample and reagent pipetting, incubation, centrifugation, reading and interpretation of the results. The ASP line finally covers all general purpose liquid handling tasks.

Addcare is certified according to ISO9001-2008 and ISO13485-2003 and all products are CE certified.

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