Newswise — Addcare fully automated blood grouping system using microcolumn gel card method, simple operation, high sensitivity, can detect low levels of antigen antibody, the results clearly feasible, easy to save, and meet a variety of data management requirements, suitable for large and medium-sized hospitals, blood stations, CDC and other units of the ABO blood type positive and negative type automatic detection, Rh (d) and irregular antibody screening, cross matching, etc. Product details: blood bank system 1 Using Mirocolumn gel card ,results fast and accurate.2. with emergency function, priority processing emergency test .3. wide catch card, catch card is more stable and firm.4. Using image processing system of high resolution, and preserve the original image, easy to trace results at any time.

Our Fully Automated Blood Grouping System mainly consists of a main unit (pipetting channel, incubator, centrifuge, and interpretation module), a communication cable, a power cord and control software.