Newswise — Chicago, IL USA: The Australian designer and manufacturer of lab automation systems, Aim Lab Automation Technologies Pty Ltd, will demonstrate their latest PathFinder automation platform – the PathFinder 350D Plus - on booth 4648 at the 70th AACC Clinical Lab Expo being held in Chicago from July 31st – August 2nd.

The PathFinder 350D Plus Decapper Sorter is an extended version of the PathFinder 350D and is used for automating the de-capping and sorting of incoming blood collection tubes directly into various analyzer racks. The Plus version adds an additional sorter module to double the overall deck capacity of the PF350D which means more rack loading (input) and destination positions to increase walk-away time. The PathFinder 350D Plus also has the added advantage of more processing power increasing the throughput to 600 tubes per hour.

Incoming sample tubes are loaded onto the PathFinder 350D Plus in a generic sample rack on the RHS Sorter module. The tubes are transferred in turn to the ID carousel where the tube barcode information is read and relayed to the LIS along with the date and time of presentation. Based on the LIS response, each tube can be selectively de-capped and sorted to one or more destination racks on either Sorter module. If required, the barcode label on the tube can be automatically aligned with the viewing window in an analyzer rack when placed into the rack. Any samples that have no data entered or can't be identified are transferred to a holding rack for further investigation.

The PathFinder 350D or 350D Plus De-capper/Sorter ideally compliments Aim Lab's PathFinder 350A Archiver to provide an economical and space efficient automated solution for pre- and post- analytical processing of specimen collection tubes for laboratories handling from 500 - 3,000 tubes per day.

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About Aim Lab Automation Technologies Pty Ltd. Aim Lab ( is a designer and manufacturer of specialist laboratory automation robotics to assist in managing large numbers of samples prior to analysis in industrial and pathology laboratories. Originally founded in 1975, Aim Lab has designed, manufactured and distributed over 15,000 automation systems through various analyser manufacturers around the world. In 2016, Aim Lab was awarded both the Australian and Queensland Export Award for Manufacturing.