Newswise — Kathy Holland, MD is the Director of Operations and Medical Director of Equitech Enterprises which supplies custom normal and disease state blood collections. Dr. Holland has extensive experience in the human blood collection field. From being a small enterprise, she has increased its donor base to include a wide range of age, ethnicity, and disease state. All collections receive viral screening including HIV, Hepatitis B&C, Syphilis, and other selected markers. All donors receive, and are qualified by, a fully comprehensive three page Donor Health Questionnaire in which data and demographics information is given on request. They provide custom specimen collections or bulk quantities ranging from a single unit to hundreds of liters. Equitech Enterprises, Inc. is FDA Approved, and IRB Certified.

Equitech-Bio, Inc. has been in business for over 23 years and in that time has extended its reach both nationally and globally. Our IgG, BSA, FBS, and Antisera are some of the finest in the world and it is no wonder that our customer base is growing. It’s a small business with a long reach. Now, with the human contribution to our resume, we are becoming unstoppable.

Come over to our booth 3915 and meet our CEO, Mike Bays, and Dr. Holland and see for yourself the results of our collaboration.