Newswise — Portland Maine - MBS MAB230P, monoclonal antibody to the polyhistidine (HIS) tag has been incorporated into the second generation Forte Bio Anti-HIS biosensors for rapid quantitative measurement of HIS tagged proteins. MAB230P was selected by ForteBio after demonstrating high specificity and excellent sensitivity, detecting HIS tagged proteins in nanogram quantities. The antibody is broadly reactive, recognizing HIS tags of 4X or greater, engineered at either the N- or C-terminus of the protein. The internal development and production of MAB230P allows MBS to maintain the highest quality standards and the ability to offer the lowest price in the marketplace.

The MAB230P anti-(HIS) tag antibody, is part of a growing list of MBS products aimed at assisting our customers in the detection of recombinant proteins. Quality, affordable antibodies to Maltose Binding Protein (MBP) and Glutathione S-transferase (GST) tags are also available at MBS. A project to develop new antibodies to the DYKDDDK peptide epitope tag is ongoing. HIS-tag is the most popular recombinant protein tag and MAB230P is widely sampled and used by customers with need for a high affinity, highly specific HIS-tag antibody.

About Maine Biotechnology Services: Maine Biotechnology Services is a premier provider of antibody services, from design and development to production and characterization. A wide variety of tools are utilized by MBS to refine clone selection early in a project, and to support prototype assay validation. MBS is able to apply 25 years experience in custom hybridoma projects to the development of antibody product reagents. It is the goal of MBS to maintain a small, internally developed, well supported catalog of antibodies that offer the highest quality performance at low pricing only available at antibody manufacturers. About ForteBio Dip and Read Anti-HIS (HIS2) Biosensors - Pre-immobilized with the next generation high-affinity, high-specificity Anti-HIS antibody from Maine Biotechnology Services (MBS), the Anti-HIS (HIS2) Biosensor directly captures and detects HIS-tagged proteins for quick and easy quantitative measurement. Key features include the rapid detection of HIS-tagged proteins, high-specificity capture of HIS-tagged proteins for easy quantitation and rapid analysis of crude or purified samples. Octet® biosensors and assay kits are configured in a standard 96-well format, for your convenience. They are compatible with all Octet instruments (whether using 96- or 384-well plates)For more information contact:Kimberly LaPointeMaine Biotechnology Services1037R Forest Ave.Portland, Maine 04103[email protected]