As the world mourns the lives lost in a tragic helicopter accident this week, Dr. Fred Rabinowitz, who wrote "Crossing the No Cry Zone: Psychotherapy With Men," assures men who are struggling with their grief, "It is healthy to cry. Men have been socialized to keep their emotions to themselves. Crying has been portrayed as a weakness for many men.  'Big boys don't cry' we tell our young boys. In reality, it is relieving to be able to cry in response to loss and pain. It is better to shed tears than to try to hold them back."  

Biography :
Dr. Fredric Rabinowitz is a professor of psychology and associate dean at the University of Redlands and a psychotherapist who specializes in working with men. He is a nationally recognized expert on the study of men and masculinity, and depression in men. Dr. Rabinowitz is one of the key architects and authors of the American Psychological Association's recently released, first-ever "2018 Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Boys and Men," a project of which he has been the steward since 2005.