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Released: 24-Feb-2020 11:05 AM EST
Cardiac amyloidosis masquerades as other conditions; 1 type affects more black Americans
Mayo Clinic

Human bodies constantly produce thousands of perfectly folded proteins, but some proteins get misfolded. An excess of these misfolded proteins can overwhelm the body's ability to remove them. When that happens, the rogue proteins bind together and form a substance called amyloid. Webs of amyloid can deposit in any tissue or organ, but some types affect the heart.

Newswise: Barbershops Targeted to Improve Health of Black Men
Released: 18-Feb-2020 9:40 AM EST
Barbershops Targeted to Improve Health of Black Men
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Black men with high blood pressure could benefit from a research study beginning this month to check their vitals while they are getting a haircut at a barbershop.

Released: 14-Feb-2020 1:05 PM EST
Wayne State University team developing new treatments for Barth syndrome
Wayne State University Division of Research

A research team from Wayne State University recently received a $1.5 million grant from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of the NIH to work on potential new targets for treating Barth syndrome, a rare and life-threatening, X-linked genetic disorder that causes cardiomyopathy and other pathologies.

Released: 11-Feb-2020 4:05 PM EST
Researchers Validate Link Between Genetic Variant and Poor Outcomes in Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer
Cleveland Clinic

In a new Cleveland Clinic-led study published in JAMA Oncology, researchers show that a testosterone-related genetic variant – HSD3B1(1245C) – is associated with more aggressive disease and shorter survival in men with metastatic prostate cancer.

Released: 13-Feb-2020 10:45 AM EST
Kisspeptin hormone injection can boost brain activity associated with attraction
Imperial College London

The researchers behind the early-stage work, published in JCI Insight, are exploring whether kisspeptin can ultimately be used to treat men with common psychosexual disorders - sexual problems which are psychological in origin such as low libido.

Released: 11-Feb-2020 2:30 PM EST
Study suggests taller young men may have lower dementia risk

Men who are taller in young adulthood, as an indicator of early-life circumstances, may have a lower risk of dementia in old age, suggests a study published today in eLife.

Released: 11-Feb-2020 11:10 AM EST
Young Men Unaware of Risks of HPV Infection and Need for HPV Vaccination
Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Young sexual minority men — including those who are gay, bisexual, queer or straight-identified men who have sex with men — do not fully understand their risk for human papillomavirus (HPV) due to a lack of information from health care providers, according to Rutgers researchers.

Released: 10-Feb-2020 10:05 AM EST
Most Men Do Not Regret their Choices for Prostate Cancer Surgery
Wolters Kluwer Health: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

Men with localized prostate cancer are faced with deciding among a range of options for treatment – including a choice between robot-assisted versus conventional prostatectomy. A new follow-up study in The Journal of Urology® finds that most patients choosing surgery for prostate cancer don’t regret their decisions. The Journal of Urology®, Official Journal of the American Urological Association (AUA), is published in the Lippincott portfolio by Wolters Kluwer.

Released: 10-Feb-2020 9:00 AM EST
Statins May Lower Mortality in High-Risk Prostate Cancer Patients
Thomas Jefferson University

Statin use alone or with metformin is associated with lower prostate cancer mortality from all causes, among high-risk patients.

Released: 31-Jan-2020 5:55 PM EST
People with Cluster Headaches May Miss Twice as Much Work as Those Without
American Academy of Neurology (AAN)

Cluster headaches are short but extremely painful headaches that can occur many days, or even weeks, in a row. Now a new study has found that people who have this debilitating form of headache may miss twice as many days of work as people without such headaches. The study is published in the February 5, 2020, online issue of Neurology®, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

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