LAS VEGASMarch 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- BOXABL is proud to announce significant progress in our Q1 2024 Update paired with the launch of our latest Factory Update Video #6.

BOXABL is excited to announce we have received $60 million in non-binding indications of interest from 15,000 potential investors for our upcoming crowdfund, furthering our quest to revolutionize housing through innovation and technology. This achievement underscores the confidence and enthusiasm our investor community places in us as we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the housing sector.

Operational Enhancements and Available Inventory

BOXABL's commitment to operational excellence is evident in our Q1 2024 update. With a focus on enhancing our manufacturing capabilities, we've integrated new equipment across our three Factory Buildings in North Las Vegas, NV. This expansion has helped broaden our inventory to include Modular and Park Model RV Casitas, now ready for shipment to specific regions.

Regulatory Approval: Modular Approval in Arizona

After months of continuous work, BOXABL have successfully obtained an approved plan set and Plant Certification of our North Las Vegas facilities, for sales into Arizona. This is a milestone accomplishment, and we are excited for what this means for the future of state approvals. BOXABL are now able to offer Modular buildings, under the M-9E Manufacture License, for installation in Arizona.

Introducing the GOLDIBOX Prototype

BOXABL continues at the forefront of innovation with the introduction of the GOLDIBOX prototype. This flexible building system, capable of numerous configurations, represents a significant leap towards customizable and efficient housing, catering to diverse needs and preferences. Click the video thumbnail to see the GOLDIBOX prototype.

Stay Engaged

For those interested in more information, BOXABL continues to offer monthly webinars that provide a Q&A platform. For our investors, the official BOXABL app offers news updates, media, and investment tracking. For contractors looking to become part of the BOXABL family, please visit to be part of our installer training programs. We're also excited to announce the launch of BOXABL Swag, now available online at

For the full Q1 2024 update, please click here