The CBC reports on the World Health Organization’s recent statement that said malathion, an insecticide used by the City of Winnipeg, is “probably” carcinogenic.

The CBC sought expert opinion from Joel Kettner, an associate professor in the department of community health sciences.

“This has not really moved the scientific markers in any significant way with regards to the decision making that needs to be made around the world for the use of a substance which has the potential to prevent serious diseases,” Kettner told the CBC.

The article continues:

Kettner said Saturday he wasn’t surprised by the findings, but added the likelihood of getting cancer from exposure to malathion is dependent on the dose.“There is sufficient evidence that cancer can be caused by this substance if given in a high enough dose to animals,” Kettner said, adding mice tend to be particularly vulnerable to the effects of malathion in tests.“It’s all about dose. It’s best described in a simple statement: dose makes the poison.”

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