Research Alert

Newswise — Researchers use a novel integrative approach to examine function and proteins expressed by a highly specialized segment of the kidneys in a new study published ahead of print in the journal Function.

Current technology makes it possible to analyze molecules in any type of sample, but some specialized structures, such as the kidney’s cortical collecting duct, present more challenges than others. The study details integrating a single-tubule proteomics approach with a double-barreled perfusion system before targeted mass spectrometry.

“The unique advance combining omics, function and phenotype in single nephron segments enables both functional benchmarking of integrative omics datasets, as well as new insights into kidney function and physiology,” the authors wrote.

Read the full article, “Viewing cortical collecting duct function through phenotype-guided single-tubule proteomics,” in Function. Contact the APS Communications Office or call 301.634.7314 to speak to a member of the research team.