Newswise — As a professional society dedicated to leadership excellence, CESSE’s membership comprises chief executive officers and mid- to senior-level staff members of scientific, technology, engineering, and mathematics societies. 

Osman joined CESSE in 2009 where he has been actively engaged as an organizer, speaker, volunteer, and in 2019, was elected to the Board of Directors. “The CESSE community was so welcoming to me when I became MRS executive director and has been a home ever since,” Osman said. 

He plans to “pay it forward” with his new Board position: “I have developed many fruitful working relationships and friendships over the years within CESSE. I hope to reflect the spirit of those who first welcomed me at CESSE and continue to give back to this community.” 

Osman brings a wealth of relevant experience to his new role on CESSE’s board. He received his PhD in materials science and engineering from Case Western University and worked in several roles dedicated to materials research and innovation, including more than a decade at the United States Steel Corporation. Osman’s work has included:

  • serving as principal or program lead to secure grants for developing country engagement, inclusive graduate education practices, and diversity programs
  • coordinating cooperative R&D programs in North America, Europe, and Asia
  • launching both a nonprofit organization and nonprofit foundation
  • authoring numerous articles and speaking, by invitation, on topics including commercial and social impact of materials, innovation, leadership, diversity and inclusion, product development, and fracture of materials.

As both an executive director and a member, Osman understands the value of organizations like CESSE and MRS. “The critical reason to engage in professional societies is to build networks and knowledge to advance your career,” he said. “CESSE provides that opportunity for professional society staff. CESSE has greatly assisted me in my service to MRS by enabling me to engage knowledge and peer networks to effectively address real-world problem that professional societies face.”



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