Newswise — Curcumin, the best-known component of the popular spice turmeric, has been selected as the “Cognition Supplement of the Year: 2021”, announces Leslie Norins, MD, PhD, FIDSA, founder and CEO of the informational website which is devoted to slowing or halting mild cognitive impairment (MCI)

“Medical journals reveal many positive reports of this natural food supplement aiding cognition maintenance and even improvement,” says Dr. Norins.

He believes these beneficial properties can be especially relevant to senior citizens coping with MCI, a serious memory disorder, which sometimes can be a harbinger of Alzheimer’s disease.

“As yet, there is no licensed prescription drug available to cure MCI,” and that’s why it’s important to look into every well-tolerated substance which might alleviate or halt the memory losses of this condition,” says Dr. Norins.

Curcumin is available OTC in health food departments and online, and is relatively inexpensive.  The world’s leading producer and exporter is India.  Before taking this or any supplement, check with your physician, advises Dr. Norins.

To explain the reasons for curcumin’s designation, is offering free of charge its downloadable Special Report,

Curcumin: An Often-Overlooked Supplement That May Assist Cognition ( There is no charge or obligation.

Unfortunately, most research on Alzheimer’s disease focuses on the later stages of the affliction, which include marked memory loss, and invariably, a slow death, Dr. Norins says.  “So, why not try relatively-safe substances that may help bolster cognition”?  Dr. Norins freely admits the mechanism whereby curcumin can help is not yet fully understood, but there are several theories. overall advocates an activist posture, challenging MCI and failing memories with adjustments in supplements, diets, lifestyle, exercise, and brain training. Dr. Norins advises, “Do not sit idle, wringing your hands.  Though conventional medicine has little to offer at this time, there is no reason not to try other things (if your physician approves) which have been reported to sometimes ‘work’”. 

He labels these actions “counterattack”. Their rationale is presented in a White Paper and a video. is independent and privately held, and is not affiliated with or endorsed by any other group. It is self-funded and does not sell anything nor seek or accept donations from outsiders. Its sister website is, which encourages deeper investigation of the role of microbes in Alzheimer’s disease.