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Article ID: 708178

Next Generation Precision Oncology Symposium Celebrates Survivors, Current and Future

University of California San Diego Health

The Next Generation Precision Oncology Symposium, a novel meeting of industry and academic leaders in cancer science and medicine, will be held February 21, 2019 at UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center.

15-Feb-2019 12:05 PM EST

Article ID: 707468

Potential to Better Treat Mesothelioma Revealed by Precision Medicine Research

Sbarro Health Research Organization (SHRO)

Researchers have successfully identified two genetic markers for potentially effective treatment of Mesothelioma, an orphan disease most commonly associated with asbestos exposure, and for which few treatments exist.

4-Feb-2019 11:45 AM EST

Article ID: 707416

More than 60 Leading Health Care Organizations Call on CMS to Maintain Coverage for Medically Necessary Cancer Testing

Association for Molecular Pathology

Leading health care companies and organizations representing patients, providers, academic medical centers, laboratories, and diagnostic manufacturers urged the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to revise its interpretation of the National Coverage Determination for Next Generation Sequencing.

1-Feb-2019 12:00 PM EST

Article ID: 707271

GW Researchers Call for Big Data Infrastructure to Support Future of Personalized Medicine

George Washington University

Researchers from the George Washington University , the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and industry leaders published in PLOS Biology, describing a standardized communication method for researchers performing high-throughput sequencing called BioCompute.

30-Jan-2019 12:05 PM EST

Article ID: 707107

First US Patient in Novel Stem Cell Trial for Stroke Disability Enrolled at UTHealth

University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

The first U.S. patient to participate in a global study of a stem cell therapy injected directly into the brain to treat stroke disability was enrolled in the clinical trial this week at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth).

25-Jan-2019 4:05 PM EST

Article ID: 706961

Hope for life

UT Southwestern Medical Center

UT Southwestern Medical Center is helping the Duff family organize a gene therapy clinical trial to treat Talia’s condition, called Charcot Marie Tooth disease, type 4J (CMT4J).

23-Jan-2019 3:05 PM EST

Article ID: 706886

Targeted treatment shrinks deadly pediatric brain tumors

Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute

For children—whose tiny bodies are still growing—chemotherapy and radiation treatments can cause lifelong damage. Now, scientists at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute (SBP) have reported that a targeted therapy that blocks a protein called LSD1 was able to shrink tumors in mice with a form of pediatric brain cancer known as medulloblastoma. LSD1 inhibitors are currently under evaluation in clinical trials for other cancers. The study was published in Nature Communications.

23-Jan-2019 8:00 AM EST

Article ID: 706796

Keeping astronauts healthy during deep space missions

Michigan State University

George Mias, Michigan State University biochemistry and molecular biology researcher, believes precision medicine -- a personalized approach using technology to analyze an individual's wellness to predict and possibly prevent illnesses -- can keep astronauts healthy during deep space missions.

21-Jan-2019 11:05 AM EST

Article ID: 706612

Access to Care, Knowledge About Genetic Testing and Clinical Trials Identified as Key Issues in Landmark Survey of Neuromuscular Community

Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA)

ONEVoice, a landmark survey funded by the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) and conducted by Edge Research, has identified key areas of concern among more than 3,000 respondents – 2,430 adults with neuromuscular disease and 932 caregivers/family members – as well as ways in which many of these concerns can be addressed.

17-Jan-2019 9:00 AM EST

Article ID: 706545

UNLV Startup Uses Genes to Create Personalized Diets

University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)

Food Genes and Me is a site and software that lets users figure out health risks and how to solve them within minutes.

16-Jan-2019 8:00 AM EST

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