Newswise — Springfield, New Jersey, USA (June 2015)— DRG International, a leading international medical diagnostic company, will showcase its DRG® Aldosterone ELISA Kit at the 2015 AACC in Atlanta, Georgia on July 27-30. The DRG International Aldosterone ELISA is for measurement of Aldosterone in serum, plasma, and urine.

Aldosterone regulates levels of sodium and potassium in the body and also controls blood pressure as well as fluids and electrolytes in the blood. Measurement of aldosterone levels in serum in conjunction with plasma renin levels (aldosterone/renin-ratio; ARR) can be used to differentiate between primary and secondary aldosteronism. The differentiation is vital in the treatment and management of the disease.

“The importance of testing Aldosterone is growing in the research and clinical communities,” said Dr. Cyril E. Geacintov, founder, president and CEO of DRG International. “The accuracy and ease of use of this kit make it a top choice of researchers world-wide.”

The DRG® Aldosterone ELISA Kit is an exciting addition to the laboratory field. It is a solid phase enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) based on the competitive principle. The Aldosterone ELISA Kit is available globally, and for research use only in the United States.

DRG International will be showcasing at the AACC in Booth 819. Press inquiries are welcome. For more information, please contact Gregory Guest (International Marketing Manager for DRG International) at (973) 564-7555.