DRG International’s Renin (Active) ELISA for testing of active Renin in human EDTA plasma will be on display at the AACC’s 2014 show in Chicago, IL on July 27-31. The DRG Renin ELISA test is accurate in testing for certain types of hypertension and has been utilized by labs world-wide.

By measuring the active renin levels in a sample, the DRG Renin (Active) ELISA (EIA-5125) can also effectively detect hypertension in a pregnancy. This early discovery opens up a much more effective array of treatment methods for the patient.

“The DRG Renin (Active) ELISA Kit allows research laboratories to quickly and easily measure for Renin,” said Dr. Cyril E. Geacintov, founder, president and CEO of DRG International. “The accuracy of our test has made it the top choice of researchers in the field and its applications continue to grow.”

The DRG Renin (Active) ELISA is a solid phase enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay based on the sandwich principle.

DRG International will be showcasing at the AACC in Booth 2431. Press inquiries are welcome, for more information; please contact Evergreen Partners (press agent for DRG International) at (908) 322-1100.


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