Newswise — Addcare elisassist is the latest extension of addcare‘s range of automatedimmunoassay processing systems. It combines our well engineered liquidhandling and processing technology with new, state of the art solutions, totake a step towards the next generation.

The field of application covers the complete range of ELISA based assayslike commonly used in the field of disease control, allergen testing,precaution of occupational diseases, food safety, family planning andothers. SpecificationModelelisassistDesignBenchtop design, airtight work area to avoid contamination, integrated 10" touchscreen PCNumber of channels2Sample pipetting principleSample pipetting by air displacementLiquid handling functionsPipetting, dispensing, dilution, conjugation, aliquoting, multiple- and diversified dispensingLiquid level monitoringLiquid level monitoring, clot monitoring and empty tube monitoringTotal Rails10Sample/Control Positions6 x 20 = 120 (standard configuration)Reagent Positions4 x 4 = 16 (each reagent position carries a trough to allow simultaneous aspiration)Plate positions (total)9 in total, with 3 plates accessible to the pipetting system (96-well microplates in SBS-format)Shaker-Incubator6 (in light protected position)Washing channels1 x 12 with automatic plate bottom detection systemLiquid containers3 bottles for wash buffers and one for waste | all containers are equipped with liquid level sensorsMeasurement/system8-channel | detector: silicon photo diodes | light source: tungsten halogen lamp