The CDC’s recent findings that suicide has risen more than 30 percent in half of United States is a concern, but what particularly troubles Dr. Carlson is the rising suicide rate in younger children. She says while the suicide rate in adults has fluctuated over the past 100 years, kids age 10-14 have been "spared." They aren’t now. Even though the suicide rates for this demographic are relatively low to adults, the uptick in young children who need mental health care to prevent a tragic suicide should not go unnoticed. Dr. Carlson was most recently featured in the New York Times

About Dr. Carlson

Gabrielle A. Carlson specializes in childhood psychopathology and psychopharmacology in general, and the subjects of childhood and adolescent depression and bipolar disorder, specifically. Her research interests include the phenomenology and long-term follow up of young people with bipolar disorder, and the relationship of behavior disorders, developmental disorders, and mood disorders. Her current interest is in risk factors leading to mood disorders and the interaction between mood disorders and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

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