Newswise — Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T) has experts available to discuss aspects of the recent earthquake and aftershocks in Amatrice, Italy.

Dr. Genda Chen, the Robert W. Abbett Distinguished Professor of Civil Engineering at Missouri S&T, is an expert on the impact of earthquakes on highways, bridges and other transportation structures. In recent years, he has been part of a U.S. Department of Transportation team dispatched to the sites of major earthquakes (Sichuan, China, in 2008, Chile in 2010 and Japan in 2011) to assess damage to transportation systems. Chen also led a study on the potential impact of the New Madrid Seismic Zone earthquakes on transportation infrastructure. Chen is available to discuss those lessons from the field and how they can be applied to education and earthquake code revisions.

Dr. Stephen Gao, a seismologist and professor of geology and geophysics at Missouri S&T, is an expert in earthquakes and continental drift. His current research includes imaging the earth’s interior using seismic waves that his research team recorded across the continental United States, Africa and Asia. His research has the potential to improve our ability to reduce damage caused by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. He has authored papers on the Northridge earthquake in California and on earth structure beneath North America to Africa and Asia. Gao is available to talk about these issues and how they relate to the earthquake in Italy.

To arrange for an interview with Dr. Chen or Dr. Gao, contact Joe McCune ([email protected]) or Andrew Careaga ([email protected]) at 573-341-4328.