- Professor Mark Gaterell, Professor of Sustainable Construction and Co-Director of The Cluster for Sustainable Cities research group -

Professor Gaterell’s research includes:

  • Low carbon neighbourhoods and smart urban futures, intelligent infrastructure
  • Sustainable construction and new integrated technologies
  • Urban disaster resilience – Environmental burden and communities at risk.

- Dr Heather Rumble, Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Urban Development 

Dr Rumble is an urban ecologist, specialising in green infrastructure and urban greenspaces. Research areas include:

  • The sustainability of green infrastructure, from ensuring the ecological systems that underpin green roof functioning are healthy, up to investigating the barriers to their uptake in industry. 
  • How green infrastructure can form ecological networks throughout urban areas and improve the quality of life for residents and wildlife.
  • How to assess the benefits of urban greenspaces to emphasise the positive impact of greenspaces in urban ecosystems.

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