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Article ID: 703503

Valuing older buildings: Architecture professor's book argues for reuse rather than wrecking ball

University of Washington

In her new book, Kathryn Rogers Merlino, University of Washington associate professor of architecture, argues for the environmental benefit of reusing buildings rather than tearing them down and building anew.

6-Nov-2018 6:05 PM EST

Arts and Humanities

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    31-Oct-2018 9:30 AM EDT

Article ID: 703074

‘Smart Shrinkage’ in Small Towns Driven by Strong Social Infrastructure

Iowa State University

As small Iowa towns continue to lose population, a strong social infrastructure – rather than economic or physical factors – determines whether residents report greater quality of life, according to new research out of Iowa State University.

30-Oct-2018 1:00 PM EDT

Social and Behavioral Sciences


Article ID: 702861

Research Investigates 'Smart' Highway Signs to Prevent Wrong-Way Driving Crashes

Florida State University

Psychology Professor Wally Boot, an expert on cognition and perception, led a research project that examined "smarter" highway signs and identified the most effective ones to prevent wrong-way driving crashes. His research recommendations are now being used by the Florida Department of Transportation in the construction of new highway interchanges in the state and will guide future design, too.

30-Oct-2018 10:40 AM EDT
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    22-Oct-2018 5:00 AM EDT

Article ID: 702497

Rising Temperatures and Human Activity are Increasing Storm Runoff and Flash Floods

Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science

Columbia Engineers show for the first time that runoff extremes have dramatically increased in response to climate and human-induced changes. Their findings demonstrate a large increase in precipitation and runoff extremes driven by human activity and climate change.

19-Oct-2018 12:05 PM EDT

Article ID: 702161

Notre Dame Releases Climate Vulnerability Assessment of More Than 270 US Cities

University of Notre Dame

The Urban Adaptation Assessment is an open-source, free measurement and analysis tool that explores a city’s ability to adapt and readiness for adaptation to climate change.

15-Oct-2018 8:05 AM EDT

Article ID: 702021

Studies Reveal Powerful Links Between Economic Development, Technology and Geopolitical Cooperation to Reduce Climate Change

Stony Brook University

Stony Brook University researchers are trying to determine key links between economic development, technology, politics and human decision making in the context of climate change. Their research published in two peer-reviewed journals helps shed light on the complex topic.

10-Oct-2018 5:00 PM EDT

Social and Behavioral Sciences


Article ID: 701426

WVU Advances Technology and Transparency to Shale Gas in New MSEEL Site

West Virginia University

Improving shale energy productivity and reducing the environmental footprint of the natural gas industry are the goals of a West Virginia University partnership at a second Marcellus Shale Energy and Environmental Lab to be located in western Monongalia County.

2-Oct-2018 11:00 AM EDT

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