ISLANDIA, NY, July 30, 2019 — Festo introduces a new low-weight, high-accuracy 96-channel bulk dispense head at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) Expo, August 6-8, at the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, Calif. Festo AACC Exhibit #4021

The new 96-channel bulk-dispense head offers an economically effective way to distribute bulk reagents into 96/384 well microplate formats at high throughput speeds. Dispense volumes can range from under 10ul to over 100ul, with an overall coefficient of variation (CV) under 5% in most cases. The system can be made compatible with various liquid handling robots or supplied as a standalone automated sample preparation system. Key features:

  • Individual control for each column (8 wells) in the microplate
  • Modular cassette design
  • Low weight of only ~1 kg allows high dynamics in the handling system. Most bulk-dispense heads are heavier and require more costly motion units to handle the greater torque requirements.
  • Available for disposable or fixed tip applications

With wipe-down surfaces and many features in a clean, compact configuration, the EHMD rotary gripper, demonstrated at AACC, offers solutions for preparing and analyzing samples, loading centri­fuges, gripping, rotating, placing microwell plates, and opening and closing bottles and vials of different sizes. Combined with a Festo three axis gantry and a camera, the EHMD module can support applications requiring quality inspections, barcode reading, and printed labels.

Festo piezo valves VEAA and VEAB are designed for precision flow and pressure control and for use as directly controlled proportional valves. VEAA and VEAB are small, lightweight, precise, durable, and fast. Energy consumption is minimal, making them an attractive energy savings alternative to conventional solenoid valves. Since these valves maintain switching status without the supply of energy, they are practically non-self-heating. They also operate silently and are wear-resistant, facilitating long-term operation.

One of the world’s leading automation companies, Festo transfers advanced manufacturing technology, including those based on Industry 4.0, to laboratory medicine and biopharma equipment manufacturers and end users. Technology transfer enables faster time to market for devices and quick project startup. Globally available off-the-shelf components lower the cost of those devices. Global technical support ensures that devices achieve maximum utilization and throughput. And, Festo life sciences teams, including technologists at its LifeTech Technology Engineering Center in Billerica, Mass., develop solutions specifically for the laboratory device and biopharma industries. Festo automation solutions cover:

  • Dispensing and pipetting
  • Identification and evaluation
  • Centrifuging
  • Incubation and shaking
  • Aspirating and dispensing
  • Storage

For more information on Festo LifeTech solutions, email [email protected] and visit the Festo LifeTech webpages. The Festo general information number is 800-993-3786.