Fully automated Blood grouping systempage2image3792

Blood grouping/ reverse grouping/ phenotyping/ crossmatching/ antibody screening/ antibody identification/ direct AHG test(DAT)/ single antigens/Rh(D) Rh(CcEe)/Newborn-ABO-Rh/ Rh/k/ ABO DD/Kell/ AHG Polyspecific/ ADKpage2image5608


throughput Transfer

arm/gripper Pipetting channels

up to 96 cards/ hourpage2image8208

1 (transfer card)page2image8896page2image9056

2 (800ul disposable plastic tips, non conductive, low cost, Liquid level, clot, empty tube detection)page2image10328page2image10488

Piercing module

12 cards positionpage2image11664page2image11824

Tips rack capacity

384 tips (4 positions, each can hold 96tips)page2image13240page2image13400

Pipetting range

Range: 10 to 800ul/ Increment: 1ulpage2image14696page2image14856

Sample tube

capacitySample types

24 X 6 = 144 samples (standard tube diameter 13mm, other diameters on request)
centrifuged whole blood/ packed red blood cells/ 3-5% and 0.8% red cell suspensions/serum or plasm

Reagent module

2 X6=12 blending diluent position+96 deepwell dilution microplate+2 dilution position+2controlpage2image20632

Incubation module

12X2=24 cards position (RT- 50°C adjustable at an increment of 0.1°C )page2image22168page2image22328


12X2=24 cards position (maximum speed 3000r/min, Centrifugal time, speed adjustable programming)


Gel card box


24X4=96 card capacitypage2image25712page2image25872

Barcode scanner

2 (1 for sample and reagent, 1 for gel card)page2image27328page2image27488

High resolution image acquisition interpretation system, automatic interpretation of acquisition and recognition results.The background of back light system, original image is clear and permanent, easy to query and tracking.page2image29424page2image29584


Completely intellectual property rights, humanization design, Wizard-style user interface, easy to usepage2image31080

Bi-directional LIS/HIS connection, evaluate and send resultspage2image31928

Software interface synchronous operation, synchronous refresh, visual display running

Operating process real-time monitoring, early warning function with abnormal situationpage2image33808page2image33968

Perfect function of experiment process tracking function of full trace ability tracking analysis and quality control.page2image35280

Powerful memory storage support testing result recheck include original picture, sample nubber, reagent message,reading result,operator,testing time,test protocol, test method and etc.



ISO 13485:2003 ISO9001:2008


Addcare Bio-Tech is special focus on design fully automated liquid handling platforms & assay processing systems more than 12 years in China, including fully automated ELISA /CLIA/FIA workstation,robotic immunoassay processor ,blood grouping system ,DNA extraction, Vacuum Tube labeling system and etc.


We have Intellectual Property Rights unique in China which can ODM for you according to special required.

Our products are CE &FDA marked.Addcare is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

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