Newswise — The Membership Committee of the Gulf of Mexico Coastal Ocean Observing System (GCOOS) is seeking nominations for the organization’s Board of Directors. GCOOS is the heart of data collection for the ocean and coastal waters of the Gulf of Mexico — collecting thousands of data points from sensors and ensuring the data are reliable, timely, accurate and available to all who need it.

Nominees for the Board should be interested in — and committed to — working within an organization dedicated to providing data, information and products to the Gulf of Mexico stakeholder community, which includes the private sector, governmental agencies at all levels, academia and researchers, non-governmental organizations and the general public.

*The nomination deadline is 5 pm (CST), Friday, March 3, 2017 *Ballots will be sent out for a vote on Friday, March 11, 2017 *Voting ends at close of business, Friday, March 24, 2017

Board duties include:• Setting policy for the organization and providing direction to the Executive Director Revising bylaws and other documents as necessary;• Establishing and maintaining the structure of the Regional Association including approval of appointments to the RA’s Councils, Committees, Task Teams or other groups;• Approving budgets, the business model, proposals and endorsements requested by members for proposals they intend to submit.

About Board Service:• Terms are three years and begin at the autumn Board meeting (usually held in September);• The Board meets twice annually in person and via phone every two months; the Board may also be called to meet when priority situations arise;• Directors are not paid; however expenses related to GCOOS in-person Board meetings are reimbursed;• Self-nominations are welcome.

To make a nomination:• Confirm that the nominee is a member of the GCOOS Regional Association or affiliated with a member organization (list online). If a nominee is not a Member or a Member’s representative, request membership via Barb Kirkpatrick, [email protected].• Confirm that the person/people named are willing to serve as Board member(s) if elected.• Indicate the sector in which the nominee works (government, academic, industry, or education/outreach).• Provide a short biography detailing nominee's work and interests as they relate to the GCOOS-RA.• Email nomination information, including contact information, to GCOOS Research Associate Jennifer Vreeland, [email protected], and Michael Lee, Chairman of the GCOOS Membership Committee, [email protected].