Newswise — IS 1200 Automatic Chemiluminescence Immunoassay System provides systematic solution for lab, integrating instrument, reagent, calibrator, and control. The combination of advanced precision analytic instrumentation and magnetic microparticle based enhanced immunoassay technology. The assay dynamic range is effectively widened and the sensitivity of detection is also dramatically increased. The accuracy is improved by the patented technologies. The system is innovative and turning point products in Chinese IVD market and also a new shining spot in global IVD industry.

The test menu will cover infectious diseases, sex hormones, tumor markers, thyroid function, cardiac markers, diabetes, TORCH, Down’s syndrome, TDM and other panels.


* Automatic chemiluminescence Immunoassay system,sample and reagent recognization and management,LIS and HIS connection

*Assay of single pipe, random access, the flexibility of assay choices,supporting STAT handing, dilution online

* One-off Tip to avoid the carryover among samples, non-contact blending device for the reaction solution toavoid the cross-contamination.

* 120Ts/h, high sensitivity and accuracy

* Traceability system to guarantee the reliability of result

* Comprehensive test menu, better performance/cost, a simple and safe solution for lab

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