Newswise — Charlottesville, VA (June 1, 2021). The June issue of Neurosurgical Focus (Vol. 50, No. 6 []) presents eleven articles and one editorial on biologics and spinal fusion. 

Topic Editors:           Allan D. Levi, Christopher I. Shaffrey, Regis W. Haid, Scott D. Boden, Michelle J. Clarke, and Marcus D. Mazur


In their introduction to the June issue, the topic editors state, 

“The current issue of Neurosurgical Focus focuses on the clinical indications, safety, cost, and surgical outcomes of many commonly used spine osteobiologics on the market. Insights are provided on a range of topics, including dosage, cost, and use of bone morphogenetic protein to treat pediatric patients and those with deformity, as well as the use of cellular allograft materials and bone graft substitutes. An excellent review of the impact of medications used to treat osteoporosis in the perioperative fusion period is also presented.”

Contents of the June issue:

  • “Introduction. Biologics in Spine Surgery” by Allan D. Levi et al.
  • “Safety and efficacy of low-dose rhBMP-2 use for anterior cervical fusion” by Stephen K. Mendenhall et al.
  • “Editorial: Anterior cervical fusion and rhBMP-2: a prospective study is needed to assess optimal dosing and delivery” by Thomas J. Buell and Christopher I. Shaffrey
  • “Use of rhBMP-2 for adult spinal deformity surgery: patterns of usage and changes over the past decade” by Mathieu Bannwarth et al.
  • “Impact of surgeon rhBMP-2 cost awareness on complication rates and health system costs for spinal arthrodesis” by Margaret McGrath et al.
  • “Pseudarthrosis rate following anterior cervical discectomy with fusion using an allograft cellular bone matrix: a multi-institutional analysis” by Stephen M. Bergin et al.
  • “Cellular allograft for multilevel stand-alone anterior cervical discectomy and fusion” by Alec W. Gibson et al.
  • “Bone grafting and biologics for spinal fusion in the pediatric population: current understanding and future perspective” by Vijay Letchuman et al.
  • “Osteoporosis treatment in patients undergoing spinal fusion: a systematic review and meta-analysis” by Vaidya Govindarajan et al.
  • “Enhanced biomaterials: systematic review of alternatives to supplement spine fusion including silicon nitride, bioactive glass, amino peptide bone graft, and tantalum” by Brian Fiani et al.
  • “Investigating the efficacy of allograft cellular bone matrix for spinal fusion: a systematic review of literature” by Ryan R. Diaz et al.
  • “Existing clinical evidence on the use of cellular bone matrix grafts in spinal fusion: updated systematic review of the literature” by Spencer C. Darveau et al.
  • Antiresorptive and anabolic medications used in the perioperative period of patients with osteoporosis undergoing spine surgery: their impact on the biology of fusion and systematic review of the literature” by Jean-Paul Bryant et al.

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