Newswise — AUSTIN, Texas — The Master of Science in Information Technology & Management is excited to announce a five-year partnership with KORE Wireless, a leader in business performance and Internet of Things technologies. Based on the strength of the program curriculum and student body, KORE Wireless will be investing in the program and providing capstone projects where students work on real-life projects to gain experience. Romil Bahl, CEO of KORE, reached out personally to express his enthusiasm for the partnership, and Associate Dean Prabhudev Konana and Program Director Dr. Caryn Conley look forward to fostering this relationship.

KORE Wireless focuses on the simplification of IoT complexities, allowing their global customers to adopt powerful IoT-enabled technologies. These technologies transform business models and empower the creation of new, innovative products and services across a wide array of industries and geographies. The pace of development for devices, applications and connectivity methods, along with the plethora of data generated in the IOT space demands that KORE maintain its position at the apex of these critical areas.

“KORE proudly serves as a corporate sponsor for the MSITM program at the University of Texas at Austin. This partnership combines the incredible research and talent of the University and the focus of the MSITM program with the global innovation and proven IoT delivery capabilities of KORE, allowing us to collectively prepare the next generation of business leaders who understand emerging new technologies,” said Bahl.

KORE Wireless CEO Romil Bahl and Executive Consultant Elizabeth Elkins will be joining the MSITM Advisory Council. Bahl is a graduate of the Texas McCombs MBA and is keen to invest in programs like the MSITM to create much-needed talent and enhance the prestige of the McCombs School of Business as leaders in technology education.

The Master of Information Technology and Management responds to the need for talent with a 10 month, STEM designated degree that creates business leaders prepared for disruptive innovations due to emerging technologies, such as deep learning and the Internet of Things.

For more information, contact: Cayce Canipe, McCombs MS Programs Marketing Coordinator,

[email protected], 512-232-7350.

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