WCS 3-Sentence Science

Newswise — Each year, WCS scientists author or co-author nearly 300 peer-reviewed studies and papers. “WCS 3 Sentence Science” is a regular tip-sheet – in bite sized helpings – of some of this published work. 

1. Researchers measured the population stock in Saleh Bay, Indonesia of the commercially valuable leopard coral grouper (Plectropomus leopardus), a species subject to population collapse due to high fishing pressure. 
2. The researchers used yield-per-recruit modeling to evaluate population stock and to estimate a biological reference point finding that the species is in fact over-exploited in Saleh Bay. 
3. To reduce fishing mortality, they recommend limiting the catch size and control on spear gun fishing. 
Study and Journal:  "Yield-per-recruit modeling as biological reference points to provide fisheries management of Leopard Coral Grouper (Plectropomus leopardus) in Saleh Bay, West Nusa Tenggara"   from  IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science 
WCS Co-Author(s):  Irma Agustina, (Lead) , WCS Indonesia Program ;  H. Retroningtyas and Irfan Yulianto, , WCS Indonesia program

Journal Link: IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science