Newswise — New York state legislators have proposed a bill that would implement a blanket approval at the state level for liquor-infused ice cream, in addition to the previous authorization of beer-, wine- and cider-infused frozen delicacies.

Douglass Miller, a lecturer in food and beverage management at the SC Johnson College of Business, School of Hotel Administration says if the law is amended it could create new food products that will benefit both distilleries and creameries, but it will be important for companies to understand the law to avoid any legal issues.


Miller says:

“If the New York State law is amended, making it easier for companies to manufacture ice cream or sorbet with distilled spirits in it, the company may have to file paperwork and possibly submit recipes to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). TTB is part of the Treasury Department in the Federal government. New York State considers the products as food, but the federal government may classify boozy desserts as alcoholic beverages. It will be important that companies understand how the law will be written so they do not run into legal problems.

“If the law is changed, it would allow creameries and local distilleries to team up and do collaboration products. This would be very exciting for local consumers and tourists. The proposed new law would allow individuals to create new food products that will benefit both distilleries and local ice cream shops.”

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