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Released: 15-Dec-2017 11:05 AM EST
10 Tips to Safeguard Your Kids' Toys Against Hackers this Holiday Season
Vanderbilt University

Web-based toys create a new set of security risks, M. Eric Johnson, a widely recognized IT security researcher and dean of Vanderbilt’s Owen Graduate School of Management, gives practical tips to protect your family.

Released: 7-Dec-2017 2:05 PM EST
Vanderbilt Expert on What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Government Shutdown
Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt political scientist Bruce Oppenheimer weighs in on all things related to the possible government shutdown—how much time Congress will try to buy, what deals need to be made, who's to blame and more.

Released: 9-Feb-2017 12:05 PM EST
Podcast on Evidence Law and Proof Started by Vanderbilt Professor
Vanderbilt University

Excited Utterance, a podcast about evidence law and proof, has posted more than 25 interviews since its launch last fall by Vanderbilt Law School professor Edward K. Cheng.

Released: 30-Nov-2016 12:05 PM EST
How Copying Is Done Should Matter in Copyright Infringement Complaints
Vanderbilt University

An artist painstakingly recreates the “Mona Lisa” using the same variety of paints, brushes and canvas as did Michelangelo. Across town, a factory stamps out hundreds of replicas of the iconic painting each day, using state-of-the-art printing. In a copyright infringement case, is there any legal difference between the lovingly recreated painting and one of the mass-produced prints made by the factory? There should be, says Joseph Fishman, a copyright law expert and assistant professor of law at Vanderbilt Law School.

Released: 15-Jul-2016 12:05 PM EDT
Dark Pools Threaten Market Governance of Financial Markets
Vanderbilt University

A new regulatory solution to protect traders and investors is needed in the age of Dark Pools, a prevalent and different kind of exchange.

Released: 22-Jun-2016 3:05 PM EDT
New Book Explains "Democracy for Realists."
Vanderbilt University

Would you believe that Hillary Clinton’s supporters are more liberal than those of Bernie Sanders? How about this? In the voting booth, election-year droughts and floods have a major impact on whether an incumbent or challenger wins an election. And finally: People don’t choose a candidate because they agree with them on the issues.

Released: 28-Jan-2016 11:05 AM EST
Congress in Danger of Losing Relevancy as Presidents Work Around It
Vanderbilt University

By obstructing most legislation President Obama sends its way, Congress has weakened rather than exercised its power, says a Vanderbilt University political expert.

Released: 1-Dec-2015 5:05 PM EST
Vanderbilt Historian Offers Unsettling Look at Bioengineered Near Future
Vanderbilt University

While some people today feel driven to purchase the latest smartphone or other technology, historian Michael Bess worries how near-future generations will deal with innovations ranging from pills that boost intelligence to bioengineered body parts for all ages.

Released: 5-Oct-2015 12:05 PM EDT
Medical Ethics Expert Explains Big Changes Coming to Research Studies Using People
Vanderbilt University

The U.S. federal government is preparing to launch a set of sweeping new regulations that will have a major impact on how biomedical researchers and social scientists work. It will require researchers to change how they get ethics approval, how they collect informed consent from participants, and more. “These proposed rules are the first major changes in more than 40 years to the laws on how researchers get permission for studies,” said Laura Stark, assistant professor of medicine, health and society, who has closely followed the evolution of research protocols and wrote a recent book on ethics regulations.

Released: 13-Feb-2015 10:00 AM EST
Vanderbilt Education Experts Offer 18 Apps Making Learning Fun
Vanderbilt University

When chosen wisely, apps can help a child learn important skills such as reading, algebra, fractions and even computer coding—all while having fun. Vanderbilt experts give tips on picking a great app and list their favorites.

Released: 3-Feb-2015 12:00 PM EST
Vanderbilt Researcher Working to Fight Human Trafficking, Slavery
Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt researcher Cecilia Mo is using a $1 million grant from the Labor Department to combat human trafficking.

Released: 26-Jan-2015 2:00 PM EST
Award-Winning Poet Gives Voice to Traumatic Memories
Vanderbilt University

Beth Bachmann, whose first poetry collection explored how her world changed through a violent personal loss, has expanded her focus to the psychological effect of traumatic memories on soldiers and others affected by war.

Released: 29-Dec-2014 9:50 AM EST
How Can We Get "The Good Life?" Anthropology Can Help Guide Positive Change
Vanderbilt University

Using anthropology to look at similarities between different cultures can tell us a lot about what "the good life" means for everyone, says Vanderbilt anthropologist and World Health Organization wellbeing adviser Ted Fischer.

Released: 21-Nov-2014 3:00 PM EST
Social Media Partly to Blame for Busybody Culture, Says Professor
Vanderbilt University

The recent explosion of social media in our lives and domination of the air waves by so many "experts" are among the reasons people don't feel free to live their lives as they wish, according to Philosophy Professor John Lachs.

Released: 11-Sep-2014 1:00 PM EDT
Scientific Risk Assessments May Result in More Equitable Sentences
Vanderbilt University

Chris Slobogin of Vanderbilt Law School backs the use of scientific risk assessment in criminal sentencing.

Released: 1-Aug-2013 4:00 PM EDT
Peabody Education Experts Available for Back-to-School Stories
Vanderbilt University

As schools nationwide prepare for the new academic year, education experts from Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College of education and human development are available for back-to-school interviews on a variety of topics.

Released: 18-Jul-2013 2:30 PM EDT
How Bible Shapes American Wars Focus of Religious Historian's Research
Vanderbilt University

Scripture has played a pivotal role in shaping America's justification for going to war from the nation's earliest beginnings, according James P. Byrd, an assistant professor of American religious history. "My research showed how important the Bible was to our founding generation -- even those who did not regularly attend church."

Released: 10-Aug-2012 5:05 PM EDT
Education Experts From the No. 1 Ranked Peabody College at Vanderbilt Available for Back-to-School Stories
Vanderbilt University

Education experts from Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College of education and human development are available for back-to-school interviews. Peabody was named the No. 1 graduate school of education in the nation by U.S. News & World Report for the fourth consecutive year in 2012.

Released: 23-Jul-2012 4:25 PM EDT
New Political Ad Rating Project-Vanderbilt and YouGov Team Up to Survey American's Reactions to Latest Campaign Commercials
Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University and research firm YouGov team up to survey American's latest reactions to campaign ads. New campaign ads will be polled every week through the presidential election.

Released: 29-Mar-2012 6:00 PM EDT
Vanderbilt Autism Experts Available for World Autism Day, National Autism Awareness Month
Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt autism experts available for World Autism Day, National Autism Awareness Month

Released: 29-Mar-2012 12:00 PM EDT
Vanderbilt Expert Weighs in on New CDC Findings for Autism Prevalence
Vanderbilt University

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced today that the prevalence of children in the United States with autism has increased. The newly-released statistics suggest one in 88 children have an Autism Spectrum Disorder, up from one in 110 released in 2009. Zachary Warren, Ph.D., director of the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center’s Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders at Vanderbilt University, says effective early identification and treatment of autism is a public health emergency.

Released: 18-Jan-2012 5:00 PM EST
Benefit of Negative Ads, Religious Bias, Patriotism and the Bible, Latino Vote, Fair Polls: Vanderbilt Experts Available for Hot Button Issues
Vanderbilt University

Benefit of Negative Ads-Religious Bias-Patriotism and the Bible-Latino Vote-Fair Polls--Vanderbilt Experts Available for Hot Button Issues

Released: 1-Dec-2011 11:10 AM EST
Breaking Dawn Reflects Societal Fear of Human Hybrids
Vanderbilt University

The 20-minute bloody birth scene in Breaking Dawn – Part One continues a long line of horror films featuring women giving birth to otherworldly creatures, says Kelly Oliver, a philosophy professor who has written a book on images of pregnancy in recent movies and popular culture.

Released: 12-Oct-2011 12:30 PM EDT
Vanderbilt Experts Available for Supreme Court Cases
Vanderbilt University

The U.S. Supreme Court will make decisions on a number of hotly debated cases this term, and a diverse group of Vanderbilt University experts is available to give their opinions about those cases.

Released: 22-Jul-2011 1:00 PM EDT
Vanderbilt Peabody Education Experts Available for Back-to-School Stories
Vanderbilt University

Education experts from Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College of education and human development are available for back-to-school interviews. Peabody was named the No. 1 graduate school of education in the nation by U.S. News & World Report for the third consecutive year in 2011.

Released: 3-Feb-2011 5:15 PM EST
Vanderbilt Experts Weigh in on Legal & Business Controversies of Health Care Law and Whether It’s Constitutional
Vanderbilt University

Larry Van Horn, associate professor of health care management and executive director of health affairs at Owen, co-teaches a course with U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper, D-Tenn., on health care policy. His current research interests include nonprofit conduct, governance and objectives in health care markets, and the measurement of health care outcomes and productivity.

Released: 6-Dec-2010 3:20 PM EST
Vanderbilt Expert Able to Comment on DREAM Act; Found Texas Dream Act Led More Undocumented Hispanic Students to College
Vanderbilt University

As members of Congress spar over whether or not to provide tuition benefits and a path to legalization to undocumented students through the DREAM Act, an examination of the nation’s first state-level “dream act” indicates such policy effectively boosts college enrollment by these students.

Released: 29-Sep-2010 10:00 AM EDT
Expert on Homosexuality and the Black Church Available to Media
Vanderbilt University

In light of the charges against Bishop Eddie Long, Vanderbilt sociologist Richard Pitt is available for comment to media. Pitt’s research interests include the intersection of sexual identity and religion. He looks specifically at homosexuality and the black church in his papers “Killing the Messenger: Gay Black Men’s Negotiation of Anti-Gay Religious Messages,” and “Still Looking for My Jonathan: Gay Black Men’s Management of Religious and Sexual Identity Conflicts.”

Released: 28-Apr-2010 4:00 PM EDT
Vanderbilt Experts Can Talk About Supreme Court Justice Search
Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University experts with research and expertise related to the Supreme Court and the nomination of a new justice are available to discuss a range of topics. All of the Vanderbilt experts have done extensive TV, radio and print interviews. Vanderbilt has a 24/7 TV and radio studio. Use of the studio with Vanderbilt experts is free, except for reserving fiber time.

Released: 21-Jan-2010 2:50 PM EST
More Nasty Ads Expected Outcome of Supreme Court Ruling
Vanderbilt University

Count on more political attack ads in 2010 after a Supreme Court ruling lifting the ban on corporation and labor donations, according to political scientist John Geer.

Released: 24-Jul-2009 1:00 PM EDT
Education Experts Available on School Funding, NCLB, Magnet Schools, Drop Out Rate, and More
Vanderbilt University

Education experts from the Vanderbilt Peabody College of education and human development are available for back-to-school interviews. Peabody College was ranked by U.S. News & World Report as the No. 1 education school in the nation in 2009.

Released: 3-May-2009 3:00 PM EDT
RNC Chair Should Drop Fight on Spending Controls, Professor Says
Vanderbilt University

Michael Steele should embrace a proposed system of checks and balances on the RNC chairman's spending power, says political scientist Carol Swain. Steele has blasted a proposal to impose new controls on his power to award contracts and spend money on legal and other services. Swain said that this has become an unnecessary distraction for the GOP.

Released: 18-Mar-2009 4:00 PM EDT
Expert: Treat Health Insurance Like Auto Insurance and Hold People Accountable
Vanderbilt University

The keys to fixing the U.S. health care system are to hold people accountable for their actions; treat health insurance like auto insurance and tax individual's health care benefits said Larry Van Horn, a leading expert and researcher on health care management and economics.

Released: 9-Jan-2009 1:00 PM EST
Obama Signals New Era in Nation’s Struggle with Self-Identity
Vanderbilt University

America's struggle over competing visions of nationhood involving race is a giant step closer to resolution with Obama's inauguration, says historian Gary Gerstle. He's the author of American Crucible: Race and Nation in the Twentieth Century, recently recommended on NPR as one of the best books for understanding the nation's new civic movement.

Released: 7-Nov-2008 5:00 PM EST
Education, Health Care Expected to be Among Obama’s Priorities
Vanderbilt University

Education reform strategies, performance pay for teachers and No Child Left Behind are among the education policy issues expected to be tackled by the Obama administration in the coming months. The U.S. health care industry and future outlook for health care policy are likely to be priorities as well. Academic experts are available for interviews.

Released: 31-Oct-2008 6:30 PM EDT
2008 Presidential Election Signals Transition: Experts
Vanderbilt University

A smooth presidential transition with an emphasis on advance preparation and avoidance of past pitfalls is crucial to a strong start for the next administration, says political scientist David E. Lewis. Lessons learned from past presidents include the need to prioritize positions associated with public safety and president's agenda.

Released: 9-Sep-2008 3:45 PM EDT
Is Sarah Palin Woman Enough for the National Stage?
Vanderbilt University

While Palin and Hillary Clinton are putting cracks in the glass ceiling below America's highest office, they are still battling that double-bind for women in power "“ being seen as too womanly or not womanly enough, says a Vanderbilt University expert on women and the media.

Released: 22-Aug-2008 1:00 PM EDT
Former Congressmen from Opposing Parties Co-teach Class
Vanderbilt University

A popular course on the 2008 elections melds rigorous academic research with real world politics. Former Congressmen Harold Ford Jr. and Vin Weber, who remain active in national politics, join two political scientists to teach the class, which provides students a broader understanding of how elections fit generally into American political culture.

Released: 15-Aug-2008 5:05 PM EDT
Wal-Mart Put Chill on Expression in Workplace, Says Professor
Vanderbilt University

The recent controversy about whether Wal-Mart Stores Inc. unlawfully pressured employees to vote against Democrats in November is another instance of the increasing erosion of free expression in the workplace, according to Bruce Barry, author of a book on this subject.

Released: 31-Jul-2008 12:15 PM EDT
TIPSHEET: Experts Can Comment on Reauthorization of Higher Ed. Act
Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University experts are available to comment on the issues and policies addressed by the reauthorized Higher Education Act, expected to be finalized by Congress in the next several days.

Released: 1-Apr-2008 3:45 PM EDT
Autism Experts Available for Interviews About World Autism Day
Vanderbilt University

A variety of Vanderbilt University experts are available for interviews on autism. The United Nations designated April 2 World Autism Day in November 2007.

Released: 12-Dec-2007 3:00 PM EST
Performance Pay, Desegregation, No Child Left Behind Made Education Headlines in 2007; Experts Availabe to Comment
Vanderbilt University

Experts from Vanderbilt University's Peabody College of education and human development are available to discuss 2007's top education stories and what to expect in 2008.

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