As of October 2017 Micronit, Axxicon and Helvoet are collaborating in offering a market leading development and manufacturing package to support the growing global demand for high volume polymer microfluidic products.

The strong market growth is driven by the new fast diagnostic systems being developed and entering the healthcare market. At the same time, new testing needs in water quality monitoring, in environmental testing and for fast and reliable controls and checks in the food production chain, lead to a need for high volume test cartridges. Polymers offer scale-up and cost benefits to support this need.

Micronit, founded in 1999, is a leading company in innovative lab-on-a-chip and MEMS solutions using micro- and nanotechnologies in glass, silicon, polymers or hybrid combinations.

Axxicon has 25 years of experience in high accuracy tooling and injection moulding processes specializing in micro and nanostructures combined with high optical requirements.

Helvoet is globally known for its expertise in reliable high volume manufacturing of precision parts in a lean, high quality and clean environment with medical standards in place.

By collaborating the three companies provide support and capabilities over the full microfluidic value chain. Offering a complete design center, various ways of prototyping and production of validation samples with scalable technologies and processes to reliable volume manufacturing.

Together the companies employ over 700 people at various sites. The companies remain independent while at the same time offering a single point of contact to microfluidic customers with strong project management skills and customer focus.


For further information please contact:

Micronit Microtechnologies BV; Colosseum 15, 7521 OV Enschede, The Netherlands.

Axxicon Moulds Eindhoven BV; Ekkersrijt 7501, 5692 HN Son, The Netherlands.

Helvoet BV; Centaurusweg 146, 5015 TA, Tilburg, The Netherlands.

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