Newswise — Sarstedt’s Microvette® capillary blood collection systems accommodate volumes of 100µl to 500µl with a choice of two collection techniques. 

Microvette® 100 and 200 tubes have a pre-assembled plastic capillary straw for precise collection of 100µl of 200µl blood volumes. The optimal volume is reached when the capillary straw is filled completely, ensuring the correct blood-to-anticoagulant ratio. Alternatively, collection is also possible without the capillary using the tube rim.  

Microvette® 300 and 500 tubes enable collection of 300µl or 500µl capillary blood volumes. The tube rim is very thin to facilitate blood flow into the tube, and the entire rim circumference may be used for collection.   

Each Microvette® tube features a color-coded twist cap to minimize aerosols upon opening, color-coded fill lines, and lot and expiration information.  Microvettes have a cylindrical outer tube for labeling and are compatible with all common micro centrifuges. 

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