Popular Music in Super Bowl Commercials Affects Bands and Brands

Expert Pitch

The big game on Sunday is one event brands know the roughly 111 million individuals watching most likely won’t change the channel when advertisements air. Commercials have become a big part of the watching experience, and some of the most memorable advertisements have been paired with equally memorable songs. Music has become an integral part of these advertisements, with brands releasing commercial previews and hoping for long lasting buzz after the game ends. David Allan, Ph.D., professor of marketing at Saint Joseph’s University is available to offer expert insight on popular music in advertising and how the combination can help or harm bands and brands. No matter which team you root for, one of Sunday’s big winners will undoubtedly be the advertisers.

Allan says:

“I conducted a content analysis with a colleague for my book, and we found that over 10 years there was a significantly dramatic increase in commercials including popular music during the big game.”

“In my research I studied four different groups of commercials and songs, and the results were clear that it is demographically sensitive. Younger individuals are much more open to music being in commercials than older individuals are. But beware: if you change the lyrics to a beloved song, a majority of demographics feel negatively about that, as if brands are altering their favorite song.”

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