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Research published ahead of print in the journal Function discusses a new finding that A kinase anchoring protein (AKAP79), a scaffolding protein, causes the formation of a signalosome close to open calcium channels. A signalosome is a group of proteins involved in regulation protein degradation.

“The combination of spatially confined cAMP nanodomains around AKAP79 with retention of active protein kinase A on the scaffolding protein ensures the kinase only operates on a nanodomain scale,” the researchers wrote. “Our results show that two ancient second messengers are independently generated in nanodomains close to Orai1 Ca2+ channels.”

Read the full article, “AKAP79 orchestrates a cyclic AMP signalosome adjacent to Orai1 Ca2+ channels.” Contact APS Media Relations to schedule an interview with the research team.

Journal Link: Function

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