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Article title: Drivers of transcriptional variance in human intestinal epithelial organoids

Authors: Zachary Keith Criss II, Nobel Bhasin, Sara C. Di Rienzi, Anubama Rajan, Kali Deans-Fielder, Ganesh Swaminathan, Nabiollah Kamyabi, Xi-Lei Zeng, Harsha Doddapaneni, Vipin K. Menon, Deepavali Chakravarti, Clarissa Estrella, Xiaomin Yu, Ketki Patil, Joseph F. Petrosino, James C. Fleet, Michael P. Verzi, Sylvia Christakos, Michael Anthony Helmrath, Sumimasa Arimura, Ronald A. DePinho, Robert A. Britton, Anthony W. Maresso, K. Jane Grande-Allen, Sarah Elizabeth Blutt, Sue E. Crawford, Mary K. Estes, Sasirekha Ramani, Noah Freeman Shroyer

From the authors: “We conclude that the enteroid/colonoid system is a powerful surrogate that can serve as an excellent model of the human intestine al epithelium, with the capacity to mimic various segments and compartments. We have found that the culture conditions must be taken into consideration when designing experiments, and caution must be used when comparing experiments performed under different experimental conditions and by different experimenters. Overall, we highlight the importance of understanding the nuance of in vitro model systems and the effect that common variables may have on experimental outcomes with the largest compilation and analysis of human organoids.”

Journal Link: Physiological Genomics