Dr. Rodney Rohde, an infectious disease expert from Texas State University, provides insight on Cryptosporidium 'crypto', a fecal parasite living in swimming pools that can ultimately lead to death.

As temperatures rise during the summer season, many pool swimmers are at risk of contracting this infectious disease. Those infected can experience watery diarrhea, and can ultimately lead to death if the victim has a low immune system. Dr. Rohde says children are at most risk due to their level of the immune system. 

When air temperatures rise, water temperatures rise as well. This causes the parasite to thrive and become an infestation. Although adding chlorine to a pool is known to reduce exposure, crypto has become more resilient.

Dr. Rohde cautions children and others with low immune systems not to drink pool water.



Link to expert background: https://www.health.txstate.edu/cls/people/faculty/Rodney-E-Rohde--Program-Chair.html