Newswise — Transitioning to sustainability poses a challenge, but it also presents an important commercial opportunity. As governments around the world implement policies to achieve Net Zero, consumers are turning to brands that have distinct goals and investors are eyeing ESG assets. Nearly half of the world’s largest companies, with combined value chains of over $26 trillion (more than six times the combined GDP of ASEAN countries) have pledged to make changes that will create social and environmental impact.  

For over two decades, Sasin School of Management has been pushing forth sustainability efforts in Thailand and Sasin’s Southeast Asia through Sustainability & Entrepreneurship Center. Driven by research and world-class academic resources, the Center has collaborated with companies in various fields, including energy, transport, finance, construction, agriculture, and IT. The Center’s efforts have expedited Thailand’s transition to sustainability, as well as assisted Thai companies in complying with changing regulations, increasing their growth opportunities with sustainability strategies. Towards this end, Sasin offers comprehensive sustainability advisory services.  



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