Lincolnshire, Ill. (7/25/17) Sysmex America, Inc., a leading provider of automated hematology and urinalysis diagnostic testing equipment, as well as middleware information systems technology, today announced that it launched the XN-V Series Software for Automated Hematology Analyzers* in the United States and Canada. “Today, Sysmex America introduces the next generation of hematology analyzers geared toward the acceleration of research in the scientific community. The XN-V Series hematology systems may advance multispecies hematology technology with the same cell analysis channels that are used in today’s leading medical institutions and laboratories,” said Dr. Simon Shorter, senior director of product marketing.

The XN-V Series of analyzers include specialized software to test a broad range of laboratory animal species including mouse, rat, non-human primate, cattle, plus other species and sub-species. In addition to the pre-loaded species, the software is customizable with manual gating for each parameter which allows for the creation of other protocols. “The system has powerful and intuitive software offering the flexibility in data analysis that will enable laboratories to explore new testing protocols which may lead to scientific breakthroughs,” said Shorter.

“The XN-V, comparable to the XN-Series designed for in vitro diagnosis use in humans, offers the reliability and high accuracy data required by the scientific community,” said Shorter. The XN-V Series offers 35 whole blood parameters including white blood cells (WBC), reticulocytes, nucleated red blood cells (NRBC) and platelet-F (PLT-F – fluorescent platelet counts). The system requires minimal sample volumes including: 88µl for whole blood, down to 50µl in low aspiration mode. The system also offers a body fluid mode resulting in 7 reportable parameters.

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* For Animal Use Only.
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