Below is contact information for University of California, Irvine researchers who are available to provide expert commentary on Earth's climate and temperature extremes in light of the recent finding by NASA that 2020 was the hottest year on record.

Amir AghaKouchak
Professor, civil & environmental engineering and Earth system science
Expertise: climate change and concurrent extremes (heat waves and droughts, etc.), hydrology, climatology

James Randerson
Chancellor's Professor of Earth system science
Expertise: fires, greenhouse gases, land cover change, tropical deforestation, global change in arctic and boreal ecosystems, biogeochemical cycles, remote sensing and climate policy

Eric Rignot
Chair and Donald Bren Professor of Earth system science
Expertise: climate change, glaciers and polar ice, ice sheet dynamics, Greenland and Antarctica, etc.

Isabella Velicogna
Professor, Earth system science
Expertise: Ice sheet mass balance and contribution to sea level, the evolution of the Arctic water cycle in response to climate change and its impact on ecosystems