Newswise — Akatsuki Technology Co Ltd is a Japanese company,, which is specified in designation & making "Ultra-High-Precision Optical glass components".

Here glass (raw materical of products) means Sapphire, Quartz, Pyrex (Tempax), BK7, CaF2, MgF2, or others. 

According to the main Optical Bonding method combined with bunner-melt, glass-drilling, glass-fused methods etc, many complexed constructure of Optical, Mechanical, Fluidic high-precision components can be made. 

  1. Flow Cell for partical counters is one of the most product. Flow Cell can be applied of the equipements for detection of Blood, Urinal, Bacteria, Particals in super-pure-water for semiconductor field, Particals in Air etc. The Channel size can be as narrow as 1 μm. All the channels are optical surfaces.   
  2. Ultra-High-Vaccum Cell is another main kind for Quantum Research. 
  3. Micro-lens & micro-prism applies for endoscope etc are also our main products. Micro-lens will be as small as 0.3 mm to 3 mm. 
  4. Ultra-precision plane surface will be as high as 1/100 λ for about Φ60mm. 

Akatsuki Technology Co Ltd experienced about 20 years optical process, and now focuses on special optical fileds.