Chicago – (July 30, 2014) - UNIConnect announced the release of its new PrecisionMDx (PMDx) System for molecular laboratories. Building upon a history of software engineering and support for research, development and delivery in the "omic" sciences, PMDx represents dramatic innovation driven by experience gained from the interplay of client and vendor in the realm of molecular diagnostic test development. Early adopter clients of the new PMDx include Selah Genomics and Exosome Diagnostics.

The new PMDx system supports molecular diagnostic requirements of entrepreneurial molecular test development companies and the institutional services of molecular pathology departments in community, private, and academic medical centers. Core PMDx functionality can also be embedded with medical device manufacturers and integrates with legacy laboratory information systems.

UNIConnect’s PrecisionMDx (PMDx) has been developed for laboratory professionals seeking a focused solution for CAP/CLIA certified molecular laboratory operations. The software platform is ideal for MDx, CDx and PGx pursuits. It can be deployed as standalone software or integrated with existing LIS/LIMS and billing infrastructure. Based on the powerful UNIFlow™ Laboratory Process Management Platform, UNIConnect specializes in rapid implementation, allowing its users to accelerate time-to-market, and manage virtually any aspect of their go-to-market plans.

“UNIConnect has enabled discovery and progress in the "omic" sciences from the company’s beginning. UNIFlow’s architecture is structurally compatible with the key sciences driving medical advancement in our era,” UNIConnect founder William S. Harten said. “PMDx represents the next -- though certainly not the last -- UNIConnect advancement to empower investigators and clinicians to accelerate their progress towards more exact diagnostics and therapeutics for patients. Moreover, PMDx delivers precise management of processes as well as exacting traceability of all sample details with robust reporting capabilities throughout.”

PMDx supports molecular requirements from sample entry to final report, supports molecular diagnostics companies at the enterprise level, and can connect labs both regionally and globally. Designed to manage the depth and complexity of "omic" sciences, PMDx is adaptable to accommodate change in this dynamic field and can be installed locally or hosted in the cloud.

The system offers essential molecular diagnostics functionality including accessioning, extraction, quantitation, PCR, analysis and reporting; yet is intended to be configured to meet precise process requirements of specific client labs including powerful reporting. PMDx supports labs engaged in hematology-oncology, infectious disease, molecular genetics, and pharmacogenomics – the key areas served by molecular diagnostics. In keeping with UNIConnect’s software product design philosophy, PMDx is highly flexible for client teams who wish to make future modifications to their PMDx systems.

Select PMDx features include:• Tests – MDx, CDx, PGx, oncology, virology, infectious disease• Assay Steps – custom steps for each assay, PCR, extraction, study, test or project, reruns • Enhanced Reports – internal and external custom reports including production and secure PDF delivery with managed authentication • Change Management -- Medicare reimbursement, instruments, add-drop assays • Sample Storage – Track location samples, view sample locations with dynamic visual search • Compliance – CAP, CLIA, HIPAA, AABB, 21-CFR-11, GLP, GMP, and more• Reimbursement – interface with multiple 3rd party billing system(s)• Dashboards – graphical real time views of laboratory operations• Web Portal access for external users• Cloud or server-based, HIPAA compliant• Eight-week implementations - or at the pace required by the clientVisit UNIConnect and see PMDx at Booth 2078, or request an appointment at [email protected] # # #About UNIConnectUNIConnect delivers leading laboratory process management solutions for molecular science and medicine. The company strives to provide science-based enterprises with technology that can be adapted to rapid scientific change, regulatory and reimbursement dynamics, and the requirements of complex lab processes for the precise tracking and process detail required for molecular diagnostics, proteomics, clinical trials, high throughput screening and more. The company’s UNIFlow platform delivers critical capabilities that enable laboratories to achieve their objectives. From the single lab to global network/enterprise setting, UNIConnect offers its customers long-term, scalable process management solutions. UNIConnect is an active member of key biotechnology and life science industry associations, including the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) and Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC). For more information or to contact the company, please visit