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The purpose of this study was to determine whether volume-based tube feeding (VBTF) increased nutrient delivery to patients in a rehabilitation unit.


A cohort study with a prospective group and a historical control group was used as the study design.


The intervention was VBTF, a change from the standard hourly rate-based enteral nutrition. Data were collected on 70 rehabilitation patients. Data on the control group (n = 35) were collected through retrospective chart review of rate-based tube-fed patients. Data on the VBTF intervention group (n = 35) were collected prospectively after implementation of VBTF in the inpatient medical rehabilitation unit at University of Utah Health.


The results showed patients in the VBTF group received 82% of their prescribed feed whereas rate-based patients received 70%.

Clinical Relevance 

VBTF appears to increase the amount of nutrition inpatient medical rehabilitation patients receive, which may help with the intensive therapy sessions these patients must undergo.

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