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    19-Oct-2018 5:00 AM EDT

Article ID: 702396

Scientists Find Brain Signal That Might Help Us Judge the Holiday Buffet

Johns Hopkins University

Neuroscientists have found a brain region that appears to be strongly connected to food preference decisions, like what to choose from a buffet or potluck.

17-Oct-2018 4:30 PM EDT
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22-Oct-2018 12:00 AM EDT
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18-Oct-2018 4:05 PM EDT


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Article ID: 702345

FoodPrint: New Website Launches to Help Consumers Make Smart, Sustainable Decisions About the Food They Buy and Eat

GRACE Communications

Today GRACE Communications Foundation launched, a new website that provides common-sense and science-based information to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions at the grocery store and when dining out.

18-Oct-2018 7:00 AM EDT

Social and Behavioral Sciences


Nutrition, Obesity

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    17-Oct-2018 11:00 AM EDT

Article ID: 702234

Health People Report: New York City Diabetes-Related Foot Amputations Increased 55% in Eight Years

Health People

A startling report from Health People: Community Preventive Health Institute, to be released at a press conference at the City Hall steps on Wednesday, October 17th, reveals that New York City diabetes-related foot amputations have soared 55% in eight years.

15-Oct-2018 4:05 PM EDT

Article ID: 702208

Nutrition Has a Greater Impact on Bone Strength Than Exercise

University of Michigan

One question that scientists and fitness experts alike would love to answer is whether exercise or nutrition has a bigger positive impact on bone strength.

17-Oct-2018 9:00 AM EDT

Article ID: 702318

Protein Derived From Cottonseed for Human Nutrition One Step Closer to Reality

Texas A&M AgriLife

Dr. Keerti Rathore, a Texas A&M AgriLife Research plant biotechnologist, received word that Texas A&M’s “Petition for Determination of Non-regulated Status for Ultra-Low Gossypol Cottonseed TAM66274” has been approved by the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

16-Oct-2018 4:35 PM EDT

Article ID: 702258

Moving location of fruit and vegetables in shops can lead to 15% sales increase

University of Warwick

Simply moving where fresh fruit and vegetables are placed in a shop can increase their sales, new research by Warwick Medical School/the University of Warwick, published by BMC Public Health, has found.

16-Oct-2018 6:05 AM EDT

Article ID: 702230

Eating with Your Eyes: Virtual Reality Can Alter Taste

Cornell University

Humans not only relish the sweet, savory and saltiness of foods, but they are influenced by the environment in which they eat. Cornell University food scientists used virtual reality to show how people’s perception of real food can be altered by their surroundings, according to research published in the Journal of Food Science.

15-Oct-2018 3:05 PM EDT

Article ID: 702133

Are Popular Diets Safe?

Texas A&M University

Many of the latest popular diets make wild claims while imposing drastic changes to what you can eat.

12-Oct-2018 3:05 PM EDT

Pop Culture

Article ID: 702089

New York RDN Receives Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Highest Honor

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Registered dietitian nutritionist Judith A. Gilbride, a professor in the department of nutrition and food studies at New York University, has been named the 2018 recipient of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ highest honor, the Marjorie Hulsizer Copher Award.

11-Oct-2018 3:05 PM EDT

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