UWM Experts Guide: The Super BowlIt’s an informal national holiday. Even folks who aren’t football fans watch the Super Bowl, if only for the new commercials. The following University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee faculty members have expertise that can inform news reports about the culmination of the professional football season.

Sports Psychology

Barbara Meyer, applied sport psychology[email protected](414) 229-3360Meyer is director of the Laboratory for Sport Psychology & Performance Excellence. In her sport psychology practice, Meyer works with athletes to enhance the performance of athletes, teams, and sport organizations, and facilitate rehabilitation and return to sport following injury. She has worked with professional and world-class athletes, teams, and sport organizations in freestyle skiing, ice hockey, speed skating, football, basketball, soccer, tennis, golf, equestrian, and many other sports.

Media coverage

Richard Popp, advertising and consumerism[email protected](414) 229-4436Popp is an associate professor of journalism, advertising and media studies, and has worked on the history of advertising. He also is interested in the question of whether contemporary American professional sports are a financial “bubble” at risk of deflating.

The Business of Sports

Laura Peracchio, marketing [email protected](414) 229-3830

Recently named the Judith H. and Gale E. Klappa Endowed Professor of Marketing, Peracchiospecializes in the application of consumer behavior research to marketing issues. She investigates the ways in which consumers are influenced by promotional and advertising information. Her research interests are in the areas of persuasion, consumer decision-making, language and culture, children’s consumer behavior and social marketing issues.

Xiaojing Yang, marketing[email protected](414) 229-6537Yang specializes in issues related to consumer behavior, especially how advertising and creativity influence how consumers process information and are persuaded.