Katherine W. Bauer, assistant professor, Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of Michigan School of Public Health
Bauer's research focuses on understanding how social factors including families, schools, and childcare settings influence children's eating behavior and childhood obesity. 
"More than half of all children in the US get their lunch each day from the National School Lunch Program - that's over 30 million meals served daily. We have a responsibility to feed children food that promotes health, not the foods high in sugar, fat, and salt that lobbyists are being paid to push onto our children.

"The Trump administration is claiming that the nutrition standards promoted by Michelle Obama were too hard for schools to implement and that students are just throwing away the healthy food. This is not true. Even our most challenged school districts have successfully implemented many of the new standards, in large part because the standards force the food industry to produce healthier options for schools. Research has also consistently shown that kids are not throwing away more food under the new regulations, waste has actually decreased for some food groups.

"While the rollbacks by the USDA are small for now, they are a step in the wrong direction."
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