Dr. Jeffrey Goldberger is the Chief of Cardiovascular Medicine at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. He's also one of the top cardiologists and cardiac electrophysiologists in the country and a prolific cardiac researcher. 

To address the growing concerns and cases of cardiac symptoms among recovered COVID patients (which they are terming as Post COVID Cardiac Syndrome), Dr. Goldberger and team created the COVID-19 Heart Program at UM. His team is also engaged in a range of lab research and clinical trials to study COVID's impact on the heart.  

See links these stories below and a video story featuring Dr. Goldberger talking about the topic and a link to the recent paper in the journal Heart Rhythm that received national media coverage. Dr. Goldberger has great delivery on camera and provides great in-depth perspective. See background links below. 

UM's research on COVID and Heart Issues


UM's COVID-19 Heart Program


Video interview of Dr. Goldberger speaking on the COVID 19 Heart program