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Study Shows Politicians Deny Misdeeds Because We Want to Believe Them

According to a newly published study led by a University of Nebraska–Lincoln political scientist, the answer may be that their supporters prefer a less-than-credible denial to losing political power and in-group status because of a discredited...
12-Jun-2024 4:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Study: Wire-Cut Forensic Exams Currently Too Unreliable for Court

A research article published June 10 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences highlights the importance of careful application of high-tech forensic science to avoid wrongful convictions.
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Food for Thought: Study Links Key Nutrients to Slower Brain Aging

Scientists have long been studying the brain with a goal of aiding healthier aging. While much is known about risk factors for accelerated brain aging, less has been uncovered to identify ways to reduce cognitive decline.
22-May-2024 2:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Construction Begins on Groundbreaking Precision Ag Research Center

Construction of the National Center for Resilient and Regenerative Precision Agriculture at Nebraska Innovation Campus launched with a ceremonial turning of dirt on May 6.
7-May-2024 12:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Nebraska Researcher Helps Untangle History of Fallow Deer

An environmental archaeologist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Perdikaris maintains a research station on the Caribbean island of Barbuda where, despite the species’ status as national animal and cultural emblem, the fallow deer population...
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Barnes to perform inside ‘Greenpoint’ for Lincoln Calling

Paul Barnes, the Marguerite Scribante Professor of Piano in the Glenn Korff School of Music, will be performing a special program of composer Philip Glass’s works inside “Greenpoint,” a sculpture by Richard Serra on the University of...
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Carson Center offers game-changing expertise to research, industry

Edgeworks, a new research and service facility launched by the Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, is helping scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs transform cutting-edge concepts into...
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Revesz decodes ancient sphinx’s mysterious message

For nearly two centuries, scholars have puzzled over an inscription of just 20 characters, cast upon an unusual bronze sphinx statue believed to have originated in Potaissa, a Roman Empire military base camp located in present-day Romania.
7-Feb-2024 6:05 PM EST Add to Favorites

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Dawes’ deep dive into Marley lyrics spurred by lifelong love, Jamaican connections

Victorious over the many booby traps that guarded his older brother’s bedroom, a 17-year-old Kwame Dawes perched on the edge of his sibling’s neatly made bed and relaxed as the rhythms of a new Bob Marley and the Wailers album flowed from the...
7-Feb-2024 11:50 AM EST

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Husker expertise featured in new Antarctic study

A multinational team of scientists, drillers and engineers has deployed to a remote part of Antarctica on an urgent mission to predict how fast the West Antarctic Ice Sheet will melt from global and ocean warming.
27-Nov-2023 4:05 PM EST

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