September 8, 2017

 UCI expert available for comment on mass flooding


In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and the pending devastation of Hurricane Irma, what can be done to enhance flood risk planning and policies to promote effective interventions?

 Richard Matthew, associate dean of international programs, UC Irvine School of Social Ecology, is a co-principal investigator of FloodRISE, an interdisciplinary collaboration between the School of Social Ecology and the Henry Samueli School of Engineering that focuses on flood and drought disaster mitigation in Southern California, Mexico and Africa.

 FloodRISE partners with communities to develop sophisticated, customized computer models. By incorporating local knowledge to develop responses that meet the specific needs and values of residents, emergency responders, planners, businesses and civic leaders, FloodRISE powerfully reduces risk.

 Richard can discuss:

  •  The combination of variables that are factors in causing mass floods.
  • How we can close the gap between what we know about flooding and planning and preparing for future mass floods.

 Contact info: [email protected]; 949-824-4852



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