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Article ID: 709259

University of North Florida Engineering Professor Recognized for Lifetime Achievement

University of North Florida

Dr. Don Resio, University of North Florida professor of ocean engineering and director of the Taylor Engineering Research Institute in UNF’s College of Computing, Engineering and Construction, has been recognized for his lifetime achievements in marine meteorology.

7-Mar-2019 10:05 AM EST

Article ID: 709035

Behind the Scenes of Coastal Flood Modeling

University of Oklahoma, Gallogly College of Engineering

From its lifesaving properties that bind humanity to its geographical connections through tributaries, rivers and waterways eventually flowing into the ocean, water is a connecting force. It can also be a destructive power that connects people through disaster response and recovery.

4-Mar-2019 2:05 PM EST
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    13-Feb-2019 2:00 PM EST

Article ID: 707711

In Disasters, Twitter Influencers Get Out-Tweeted

University of Vermont

A first-of-its-kind study on Twitter use during 5 of the costliest U.S. natural disasters offers potentially life-saving insights. The research, in PLOS ONE, finds that Twitter users with small networks (100-200 followers) increase activity more than those with larger networks in these situations. It also finds that each disaster type (hurricanes, tornadoes, floods) has a unique pattern of social media use.

7-Feb-2019 11:30 AM EST
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Article ID: 707319

How Innovative Funding Sources Can Secure Sustainable Infrastructure for Cities

Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC)

HARC released a special report today for public and private sector leaders that addresses how to fund critical infrastructure required to maintain the safety and well-being of cities and communities. The Green Paper is entitled “Funding Resilience in the Greater Houston Region: Synopsis from a Public-Private Sector Workshop.”

31-Jan-2019 10:05 AM EST

Article ID: 707140

Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath included spike in heart disease hospitalizations

Tufts University

Hospitalizations for cardiovascular disease rose precipitously in Orleans and Jefferson parishes after Hurricane Katrina. The increase in rates lasted for more than one month after landfall and rates were higher among the older black population, compared to the older white population.

31-Jan-2019 12:05 AM EST

Article ID: 706810

Less Hurricane Aid, Slower Response to Puerto Rico Than to Texas, Florida

University of Michigan

The federal response to hurricanes Harvey and Irma was faster and more generous than the help sent to Puerto Rico in preparation and in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, according to University of Michigan researchers

21-Jan-2019 1:05 PM EST

Social and Behavioral Sciences

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    8-Jan-2019 10:00 AM EST

Article ID: 705982

Texas expert has big plans as UAH director of Unmanned Aerial Systems Programs

University of Alabama Huntsville

Jerry Hendrix has joined the Rotorcraft Systems Engineering and Simulation Center (RSESC) at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) as its director of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Programs responsible for UAS research.

3-Jan-2019 1:05 PM EST

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110 of 764

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