Lauren Feldman, associate professor of journalism and media studies at Rutgers University–New Brunswick, is available to comment on the news media’s recent efforts to prioritize climate change coverage.

“For the last several years, news media – especially TV news – has given climate change short shrift. Even when the media has covered it, they have often framed the issue in ways likely to alienate rather than engage the public,” Feldman said.

“It’s therefore encouraging that many news organizations are now making an overt effort to prioritize climate change – and its connection to other issues, from public health to the economy – in their reporting. Yet as they do so, it is important that journalists don’t focus only on the scope and urgency of the problem but also on its potential solutions, including the actions of individuals and communities working to address climate change. A balance of both fear and hope is needed to motivate climate engagement and action,” she continued.

Feldman’s research includes understanding news media’s contribution to political polarization around climate change, and developing and testing message strategies to help reduce partisan divides and encourage broader public involvement with the issue.

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