Newswise — San Francisco, CA – Ceevra, Inc., a San Francisco-based advanced visualization platform for surgeons, today announced that renowned urologic oncology surgeon, Dr. James Porter, has commercially adopted Ceevra’s mobile 3D visualization platform to help plan and perform his kidney cancer operations. 

The results of a recent multi-site randomized clinical study, published in JAMA Network Open in September 2019, showed substantial reductions in operating time, blood loss, ischemia time, and duration of hospital stay when Ceevra 3D models were used for kidney tumor removal. Dr. Porter, who participated as a researcher in the study, and partner Dr. Joy Lee, have now adopted Ceevra as part of their everyday practice to ensure future patients benefit from the Ceevra technology.

“The results of the study were so compelling that it really wasn’t a question that I would continue using Ceevra for my kidney cancer cases going forward,” said Dr. Porter.  “What the study told me is that even very experienced surgeons benefit greatly from the level of detail and improved spatial understanding that you get from the Ceevra models.”   

Ceevra was founded to improve cancer operations through modern technology advancements in mobile, computer vision and machine learning. Brilliant, interactive 3D models are created in the cloud from CT scans and MRIs, and are viewed from the surgeons’ own phones to support preoperative planning, patient counseling and intraoperative use. 

“Dr. Porter is the most experienced robotic urology surgeon in the Pacific Northwest, and surgeons all around the world literally watch his operations to learn the latest in surgical techniques and technology,” said Russ Yoshinaka, Ceevra’s chief executive officer. “We’re thrilled that someone of his skill and stature has adopted Ceevra as part of his everyday practice, and view this as tremendous validation of the value that Ceevra models bring to surgeons and their patients.”  

About Ceevra, Inc.

Ceevra’s cloud-based advanced visualization platform generates brilliant 3D digital models from existing CT scans and MRIs, which surgeons use for preoperative planning, patient counseling, and intraoperative imaging information. Ceevra Models provide a detailed understanding of the patient's anatomy, informing decisions around what type of surgery to perform and how best to perform it. Ceevra is FDA 510(k) cleared for both preoperative and intraoperative use, and is currently optimized for surgical oncology in kidney, prostate, liver and lung with more to follow. For more information, visit